Scotland’s top plastic surgeon raised alarm over dangerous breast implants five years ago

Scotland’s top plastic surgeon raised alarm over dangerous breast implants five years ago

ONE of Scotland’s top plastic surgeons warned health watchdogs about dangerous breast implants FIVE YEARS AGO, we can reveal today.

Awf Quaba told medical authorities of the abnormally high failure rates in the French-made implants in 2006 – shortly before his hospital stopped using them completely.

The globally-respected surgeon says he told the Medical and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) of mounting concerns about the implants rupturing and leaking silicone into his patients’ bodies.

The implants made by Poly Implant Prothese are now at the centre of a worldwide alert.The French government say PIP used industrial silicone meant for mattresses in the implants and five per cent of them have leaked.

The revelation that British watchdogs were alerted to the problem five years ago but failed to act was condemned by women with PIP implants yesterday.

The Government last week insisted research among the 40,000 women with the implants in Britain suggested only one per cent had ruptured.

Quaba wrote to both the MHRA and the French manufacturer in 2006 before banning the implants at Edinburgh’s private Spire Murrayfield hospital, where he carries out most of his work, in 2007.

The 61-year-old surgeon said: “Unfortunately, a five per cent rupture rate was more in line with our experience in Edinburgh.

“It was also apparent that silicone used in the PIP implant was causing irritation.

“We did everything we could to raise the issue. In 2006, we reported our findings to the regulator as well as the maker and UK distributor.

“The maker and distributor blamed implanting surgeons. We were unhappy with their explanation, and took the decision in early 2007 to stop using PIP at Murrayfield Hospital.

“This was more than three years before the implants were banned by French authorities.”

“We reported what we were finding but we are not investigators. We did all that we could.”

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